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Welcome to the UK YES Web site.

We aim to bring together people who wish to defend the United Kingdom from people who want to break it up.

Our aim is to inform people about the benefits of remaining in the United Kingdom and the damage that would be done to all the citizens of the United Kingdom if the Union were to be broken up.

The Scottish Nationalist Party wish to break up the United Kingdom. We believe that the future of Scotland will be better as part of the United Kingdom than as a small new country. We believe that England, Wales and Ireland will be better off with Scotland as part of the United Kingdom. We are better together.

This web site has just been started and will be developed.


Some positive benefits of being part of the United Kingdom - a larger, more powerful nation than a broken off Scotland.

As the UK we have a seat at the top table in international affairs

The cost of maintaining the tax system, international affairs and other central government functions is shared between all UK citizens

We have a “home market” for our products ten times bigger than Scotland alone

We are part of a large economy with a respected currency

We have renowned Armed Forces

We can access the UK embassies and consulates around the world



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