About Us

The Tug was launched by Donald and Isabelle MacKenzie in September 2004 after several years under development

Donald and Isabelle have four sons aged from 14 down to 3. Development of the TUG has been carried out using the two younger sons as testers.

Donald came up with the idea after struggling with a push along tricycle. It was easier to use when pulled backwards but the child in it hated being pulled backwards.

The first TUG was created from an old trike with the front wheel cut off.

You can order a Tug online. (click here)


If you would like to talk about the Tug please call 0845 095 6450





Contact us

Phone: 0845 095 6450
Fax: 01463 712619

Email Addresses: sales@thetug.co.uk or donald@classicbaby.co.uk

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