Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions page. We have tried to answer the most common questions visitors to this web site may have. If you find that your question is not answered on this page, please contact us at sales@thetug.co.uk or call us on 0845 095 6450.

How much does the TUG weigh?

Under 2.5 kgs, much lighter than any buggy on the road.

What is the TUG made of?

Aluminium tubes, 600 denier polyester fabric seat, foam handle cover

What is the age range?

From about 12 months until the child walks everywhere around age three or four.

What happens if my TUG stops working?

We offer a six month warranty against failure due to defective materials or manufacture. If your TUG breaks we will check what has gone wrong. If the problem is covered by the warranty it will be repaired or replaced at our discretion. If it has broken due to misuse we will quote you before carrying out any repairs. By misuse we include things like being run over by a car, sat in by an elephant or you lose the handle!

What do you do if it rains?

We recommend that you use wet gear for children when using The Tug in wet weather. We do not supply a raincover because children using the Tug tend to climb on and off so should be wearing suitable clothes.

How does it perform “off road”?

The TUG works well on grass or rough terrain or even on the beach. The reason is that you are pulling it over obstructions instead of pushing a pushchair into obstructions. The idea can be compared with golf carts which are pulled instead of being pushed.

Are there any options?

We will be producing a number of options as the TUG develops. Choice of seat colours and frame, a handy bag and a travel bag are all on the way.

Is it difficult to control?

No. You just lift the handle and the TUG follows you. When you put down the handle the front feet stop it moving in any direction.

Do your arms get tired?

No. The TUG has been designed so that most of the weight of the child rests on the wheels. Most users will use it in a stop/start fashion dictated by the child. When you stop you put down the handle to park the TUG. Anyone using a TUG will quickly become comfortable with it as long as the handle has been adjusted to the correct length so that they do not need to lift their arm but can just let it hang to the handle.

Is the TUG stable with only two wheels?

Yes. To pass BS7409 the TUG had to remain stationary and not tip over when loaded and parked on a slope.

It’s so light. Will it fall apart?

No. The Tug had to run for about 3 days on a “rolling road” with bumps and other obstructions to prove its solid construction. We have it made by a company with lots of experience of construction of back packs and other products using aluminium tubes and fabric. See www.trubend.co.uk for details of their range.  Prototypes were used for many months without problems before any were sold.

How long has it taken to develop?

From idea to sale has taken several years. We have had numerous prototypes as we solved various design problems. Each prototype has been used for some time with children to check balance and reliability.

What about a shopping bag?

We do not currently supply a bag or basket as we think the TUG should be light and simple. We may supply a bag or basket later if demand exists. We recommend a back pack or other shoulder bag for things you want to carry. We are considering adding a small rucksack that can hang on the Tug or be carried by a child.



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