Practical Parenting magazine featured The Tug on their Toddler page

They said

“ We love this fantastic new invention! It’s sure to be a hit with parents who find those trikes with handles too awkward to push,  and its perfect for trailing around the park with a toddler

Families Magazine reviewed the Tug and said

The Tug
Why push when you can pull, reasons Donald MacKenzie? The former owner of Lilliput Nursery Stores, Donald has 12 years experience in baby equipment. A father of four, he knows what really matters to parents too. Donald’s latest baby, The Tug, lets you pull your child behind you, giving you less resistance on tricky terrain. You can take The Tug off road or onto the beach, where it’s easy to use on all but the softest sand. The Tug folds flat and weighs half the weight of the lightest stroller on the market. Attach it to your pushchair and you’ve got a double buggy. Suitable for nine months to four year olds…





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