Welcome to the The Tug details page.

The Tug has been designed in the UK. We have chosen to manufacture it in the UK to maintain control of quality.

We are happy to launch our first major revision of the TUG. The new model folds and can be fitted into an optional carry bag.

Great for use on or off pavement, in fields, on the beach or in the forest. The TUG travels over bumps that would halt a buggy because you are pulling it


The TUG is designed to be pulled not pushed. If you have ever dragged a buggy backwards across the park the TUG is for you.

The Tug folds down by pulling out two pins. The above pictures show one of the first of the new models

The Tug has an adjustable handle with rubber handle cover, black wheels and double skin black fabric seat with five point harness and Tug logo. The handle removes to pack small for storage but can also be adjusted for length to make the TUG comfortable to pull for any size of person.

The TUG complies with BS 7409 which tests “wheeled child conveyances”. This normally means pushchairs or prams. Our TUG came as a bit of a surprise to the testers!

We believe that The Tug is the lightest wheeled product in the world designed to transport your child. Weighs just 2.3 kgs

We are offering a special launch price of £69.95 (plus carriage) for the new TUG.

Normal Price is to be £79.95 (plus £7.95 delivery charge to a UK address) For delivery charges to beyond the UK please contact us.

Great for use on pavements or in shopping centres, off road or even on the beach.

We have developed a tandem connector allowing you to connect a Tug to a pushchair so that one person can transport a toddler in their Tug while pushing a younger child in a pushchair.

For more information or to place an order, please contact us by email at sales@thetug.co.uk or call us on 0845 095 6450.

Money Back Guarantee

We are so certain that you will love the Tug that we will accept a return for a refund if you do not like it. If, within 8 days of buying a Tug from us, you decide you do not want to keep it contact us, to tell us you want to return it, and we will refund the purchase price (less carriage costs) once it is received back.

We look forward to serving you.

Practical Parenting said

“ We love this fantastic new invention! It’s sure to be a hit with parents who find those trikes with handles too awkward to push, and its perfect for trailing around the park with a toddler



The Tug    currently out of stock



Brief Description

The Toddler Trailer


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The Tug Tandem Connector



Brief Description

A webbing connector to allow you to connect a Tug to a pushchair. Fits almost all pushchairs.


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We have a page with further pictures more pictures.

We have had a great reaction from people seeing the TUG, wherever we have taken it on  test runs. Prototypes have survived many miles around town, trips across country, to the beach and visits to a horse trial and other outdoor events.


To encourage customers or others to spread the word on the TUG we will supply purchasers, or anyone who asks for them, with a number of cards to hand to anyone who asks about the TUG. Each card returned to us by someone asking about the TUG will be entered in a prize draw so could win a prize for the person who handed it out.


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